Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is always here to answer your questions. If you have a questions not listed here please contact us for a quick response. If we don't know the answer to your question, we'll work hard to find out for you. Your business is important to us. Call us with any additional questions you might have.

Top 50 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ
Download our free PDF interview of the top 50 questions you should ask your wedding DJ company with DJ4U Founder Jason Parkinson.



Q: What can I expect if I book your company?

Once you book DJ4U Mobile Entertainment for your event, you can rest assured knowing that our professional staff is working behind the scenes to make sure every aspect of your event is perfectly executed. Here's what happens when you book DJ4U:

1) The Contract - You will receive a professional contract in the mail for your event. This contract serves as a way to make sure we are in agreement on exactly what we will be providing for your event.

2) The Planning - Once we receive your signed contract back in the mail, we will assign a DJ4U Planning Consultant to your party and give you access to our Interactive Online Planning System to help plan your event. Our planning consultants have had extensive training to ensure your party is the best it can be. Your planning consultant will be your primary contact at DJ4U and any questions you may have about your party can be directed to them. They'll reach out to you before your event to assist with anything you might need.

3) The DJ - After you've completed most of your planning information and about a month before your event, DJ4U will assign one of our professional entertainers to your event based on the style of party you're looking to have. We review all of your planning information to determine which one of our DJs would be a good fit for your party. All of our DJs are employees of DJ4U Corp, so you don't need to worry about us outsourcing your event to someone else. We only hire professional DJs and can guarantee their quality of performance at your party. Your scheduled DJ will contact you about 1 week prior to your event date to go over any last minute details you may have and discuss the pronunciation of names if you're having us do any announcing. Our planning staff discusses every event during a weekly conference call with our DJs to make sure everyone is on the same page.

4) The Party - On the day of your event, your scheduled DJ will arrive about 2 hours before the party starts to set-up and test all of the equipment. Our professional staff is always set-up and ready to go long before your guests show up. The DJ will meet with you when you arrive and will be able to review your order of events and move the party along to your specifications that you set with your planning consultant in advance. This allows you to relax and enjoy the night without worrying about what is coming up next or what you should be doing. Our professional entertainers take care of all of that. That's why we say it's Your Night... Your Party... and Our Specialty.

5) Afterwards - A few days after the party, we'll send you a satisfaction survey in your e-mail. Our clients are our number one priority before, during and after each party. Let us know how we did! We love feedback so we can improve on future events.

Our proven system is what helps to make each event we perform at perfect and sets our company apart from other "fly-by-night" DJ companies. We take our work very seriously and promise to work hard to ensure your party is a success!

Q: Are you available on my date?

This is the first question you should ask us! The best way to find out if we are available on your special wedding date is to fill out our quick contact form. We'll e-mail you back with our prices and let you know if we're available on your date. If we're not... we can put you in touch with other DJs in your area that are available! We want your wedding day to be the best!

Q: How much do you charge?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for entertainment is that this is the ONLY question they ask! The DJ is the most important factor in the success of your wedding reception! When it comes to the entertainment industry, you really do get what you pay for. Here at DJ4U, we are not the cheapest, but we ARE THE BEST! Our standards are high and we don't cut corners on our operational costs to ensure the success of your event. We do offer a wide variety of wedding packages to choose from and our pricing for each package will be sent to you after you fill out our simple contact form.

Q: If I hire you, will there be a contract?

Yes! DJ4U Mobile Entertainment is a professional entertainment company and uses a standard professional entertainment agreement. This agreement serves to protect the company as well as you, our client. We require a deposit to secure your date. This deposit is paid at the time you sign the contract. In the event you need to cancel your contract with us, we require that you provide us with the cancellation notice in writing for our records. We're excited to say that in the over 15 years we've been in business, we have never missed or cancelled a single event! Now that's a great track record!

Q: How long have you been in business?

DJ4U has been one of the leading entertainment companies in Central Illinois since 1999. We have performed at nearly every type of event, with the majority of our business being wedding receptions in the Peoria & Bloomington areas. Our professional staff has many years of combined experience in the entertainment industry. The founder of DJ4U, Jason Parkinson, has been involved in entertaining crowds since 1998 and continues to bring new ideas to the company through his radio involvement with Power 92.3, River 97.3, 105.7 The X and 95.5 GLO in Peoria.

Q: Do you use professional equipment?

YES! DJ4U Mobile Entertainment only uses professional equipment. Our audio and lighting equipment is the same type you would find in big night clubs or on tour with some of the biggest stars. We guarantee that our equipment isn't being used in some teenager's living room before it comes to your event. All of our equipment is housed in professional road cases for protection and only used at our performances each weekend.

Q: What types of music do you have?

Our huge music library is expanding all the time! Our library includes Big Band, Jazz, R&B, Old School, Disco, Retro, Rock & Roll, Oldies, Classic Rock, Popular Country, Dance Hits and the latest Top 40 and Hip Hop hits too! We get the latest music at the same time as the radio stations do, which is usually long before most people hear them! By the time a song is popular, you can be sure that we have it in our library. More importantly than the size of our library is the ability our staff has to read the type of crowd you've got at your reception. DJ4U entertainers are party professionals! We know our stuff. Relax and know that we will have your guests up and dancing for most of the evening!

Q: Do you play requests?

Yes and no. In many situations this is a touchy subject. Cousin Bobby comes up and wants to hear Insane Clown Posse and Slayer all night at your reception. Do we play it? Well, we promise we won't disappoint Bobby, but you should know that the Bride and Groom are our TOP PRIORITY. If you don't want a certain type of music played, we'll make sure that even if it's requested, we won't play it. Keep in mind that our policy is "Majority Rules." Our job is to keep people on the dance floor and if a requested song is going to send all the dancers back to their chairs, we typically won't play the song unless it's approved by you.

Q: What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Our Professional Promise Guarantee is a pact that each of our DJs and Planning Consultants must agree to before working for our company. It is not only a philosophy that drives our success, but also something that our team believes in whole heartedly.

1.) Always have a positive attitude.
Your DJ will always have a positive attitude and smile at your event. This small and often overlooked policy is key in creating a great vibe for your party!

2.) Pay attention to detail. 
You can relax knowing all the details of your party are taken care of by our professional planning consultants BEFORE the day of your event. Your DJ will carry out the plans to make your party run smoothly. 

3.) Treat clients and their guests with respect. 
Our clients' happiness is our primary goal at every event. Our staff will always be courteous to you and your guests and accommodate anything you may need during your party.

4.) Bring an element of "Class" to every event. 
Our DJs and staff dress appropriately, never drink or smoke while working, avoid playing inappropriate music, and always remember that this is YOUR party... not theirs. We promise to go above and beyond to please our clients... every time.

Q: Will you only play clean music for my guests?

YES. We are a classy organization, employing classy DJs and performing at classy events and receptions. If you are looking for bad words and vulgarity in your music, then we are not the DJ company for you. If you request in advance that the music we play be unedited, then we will accommodate you as best we can, however please keep in mind that although this is your party, our organization has been built on our reputation of providing clean fun and we will not sacrifice that.

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