Top 6 Most Popular Father/Daughter Songs

'Giving away the bride' is an emotional moment between a father and daughter. Usually, the father-daughter dance keeps the crowd captivated in hushed reverence. But, even quiet reflection needs the right soundtrack.

So what songs can capture the unique bond between a dad and his little girl? We've kept tabs on the most popular songs as picked by past clients and we will be the first to tell you how important this special moment is at any reception.

Check out these classic picks and make sure your father-daughter dance hits the right note.








6. Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

Possibly the most literal father-daughter dance song, 'Butterfly Kisses' features on-the-nose lyrics that describe a father's feelings toward his daughter on her wedding day. It's heavy on dialogue and with lines like: 'does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry', it's easy to see why this song is a popular choice. Fair warning: dad might cry

5. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Not as specifically tailored for the occasion, 'What a Wonderful World' is a classic, recognizable song that promotes positivity and optimism - fitting vibes for giving a daughter away. Louis Armstrong's voice sets this song apart as the perfect choice to grab the crowd's attention and place it squarely on the father and daughter's moment.

4. My Wish - Rascal Flatts

'My Wish' had a lengthy reign at the top of the charts and for good reason: it's the kind of simple, heart-on-the-sleeves song that compliments moments like a father-daughter dance. Full of sincerity and earnestness, one of Rascal Flatts' biggest singles sets the scene for the father-daughter dance. 

3. My Girl - Temptations

A tried-and-true wedding song from Motown legends, The Temptations, 'My Girl' sets the right mood for a father-daughter dance and the proceeding reception, too. Upbeat notes and sweet lyrics make it nearly impossible not to smile while this song plays. As an added bonus, it's super catchy and something the crowd can easily tune into.

2. I Loved Her First - Heartland

It's fitting that our number two and number one picks have similar lyrical content. Heartland's 'I Loved Her First' expresses the mixed emotions a father feels on his daughter's wedding day. Unbelievable happiness that his girl's found love and the pang of sorrow, knowing his place as the number one man in her life is coming to a close. It hits the same tone as our #1 song...

1. My Little Girl - Tim McGraw

Asking Tim McGraw for his daughter's hand in marriage is an intimidating scenario - especially in the context of 'My Little Girl.' McGraw, who has three teenage daughters, sings honestly that he'll never truly think anyone is good enough for his daughter. It captures the deep, complex, and enduring love a father feels for his daughter - before and after her marriage.