Meet Your DJ: Joe Valentin






If a DJ is doing his or her thing the right way, their personality doesn't dominate the festivities. Instead, it quietly enhances the event and blends seamlessly with what the party throwers and goers are looking for. In our series, Meet Your DJ, we're looking behind the booth and finding out what makes each DJ4U DJ special and how they think the ideal event should go down.

Joe Valentin. 26. Canton, IL

How long have you been a DJ?

8 years

What's the best party you've ever been to and what made it stand out?

The Kare Camp gigs

What is one thing a DJ does for his/her job that no one notices?

Research. People in general and clients don't realize the background work DJs do to make sure everything is in order and organized

What's the quickest way to kill the mood of a party?

Playing a random Disney song....

If you walked into a dead party, how would you save it?

Play some classic rock all the way, or something from the 80s. More than likely, if you drop "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey, the party can be saved

Name your all-time favorite jam

This isn't an easy question... so many classic rock songs come to mind, but also 90s and early 00s songs. If my life depended on it and I had to give a definitive answer, I would say "Superman" by Five for Fighting

What's the greatest part of your job?

Seeing peoples faces light up when you drop their jam unexpectedly 

In your opinion, what's the most important piece of DJ equipment?

A flashy tie, obvi...

How does a DJ set him/herself apart?

By not just DJ'ing. Going above and beyond to make the night special, no matter what it is, like getting extra chairs for people or getting water for the head table

Do you have a DJ inspiration or hero?

THE Jason Parkinson... The one and only...

Are you for or against song requests and why?

Against. People don't realize the impact the wrong song could leave behind at a gig. If a jr. high kid wants 'Shots' played, obviously that's a no go. If a guest at a wedding wanted death metal, I'm sure the bride and groom would love a logical reason why you played it. We know what's appropriate and what's not

How would you define a DJ's role?

The entertainer. People see you having fun, your energy spreads and they have fun. They see you bored by your own music, they will become bored.