[VIDEO] Top 5 Wedding Dance Crazes to Know Before the Reception

Wedding dance crazes come and go. Remember Soulja Boy? You couldn't attend a party in 2007 without hearing 'Crank That'. But, you couldn't just hear 'Crank That.' You had to know how to do it.

That's the risk when a song catches fire and comes along with a specific (and sometimes) complicated dance. Never fear! We know the feeling of exclusion when 'Cotton-Eyed Joe' hits and you're the only one not doing...... whatever it is people do to that song. 

Make sure that you know the moves to these 5 songs that could show up at your wedding reception:


5. Dougie

You can thank Cali Swag District (2009's 'Teach Me How to Dougie') for re-igniting an older dance move and introducing it to a new generation. It takes rhythm and style to pull off the Dougie. While none of us will live up to the standard set by Kate Upton, the above video is a start and will make sure that you're not sitting on the sidelines.

4. Jump On It

This Sir-Mix-a-Lot wedding reception staple is deceptively hard - it takes some serious hips! Once you jump in, though, you'll find out why this song and dance are crowd pleasers. It's easy to master and fun to do. Just let Will and Carlton show you the ropes in the above video.


3. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

As you can see, this is a two-part tutorial. It's not a simple dance. You also might be thinking, 'this is a weird song to play at a reception: he already put a ring on it.' Good point. But what about the single ladies attending the reception? This is the kind of battle cry song (and dance moves) that fit perfectly alongside a bouquet toss, for example.

2. The Twist

When Chubby Checker released 'The Twist' he likely couldn't have anticipated that people well into the mid 2010s would be including it in party playlists. But, it makes sense. It's appropriate for all ages, it's easy for everybody to do, and it's infectious. If you're unsure of your 'Twist,' check out the video above and get out on the dance floor next time!


1. Gangnam Style

Please don't ask us what the lyrics mean. We have no idea. What we do know, is that Psy's 'Gangnam Style' is one of the most recent and viral dance crazes that many receptions blare to the crowd's approval. The dance isn't quite as daunting as 'Single Ladies,' but trickier than 'The Twist.' The above video is a great tutorial to catch you up to speed and 'Oppa Gangnam Style' (???)


Need help learning any of these moves? DJ4U DJs are trained in crowd interaction and can help you and your guests learn these at your wedding reception. Just ask us for details!